Trish Richardson

Spiritual Growth Pastor

I'm an Irish Hillbilly married to my knight in shining body armor. We are both from law enforcement backgrounds, using the skills and gifts we've been given to further God's kingdom in Battle Creek. I love the adventure of the outdoors, maybe because of my Hatfield family heritage. I've picked shrapnel out of my arms and legs, killed a buck with my Harley, and was trained in hostage negotiation by a Lufthansa flight 592 negotiator. No, I didn't make any of that up, but it's not the most interesting details about me, my God is! Ask me!

Where did you grow up? Battle Creek, MI

How do you like your coffee? Rich and Creamy

Favorite 1am Snack? Salted dark chocolate covered toffee

Do you know your Enneagram results? 3 - The Achiever

Current Netflix binge? Dual Survivor

Favorite Battle Creek lunch spot? Barista Blues

What is the best part of working at Woodland? I love meeting people and hearing how God is working to save them, redeem them, and shape them into His perfect creation. Ministry is what He made me for, and the people at Woodland are His blessing of fulfillment to me!