Thayne Asaro

Production and Creative Arts Director

I'm from right here in Battle Creek! I married my incredible wife in 2016 and we have a 130 pound dog named Oliver. My wife is also on staff here at Woodland, and we both love what we do. Both of our parents live in the Battle Creek area and we love spending time with them! I'm a major extrovert and love being around people. During my off time you can typically find me busting out old Nintendo games with friends or playing Spikeball!

Where did you grow up? Battle Creek, MI

How do you like your coffee? Unfortunately, I don’t drink coffee…

Favorite 1am Snack? Fancy cheese for sure. Cheese and Crackers are a fav.

Current Netflix binge? The Office, on repeat.  

Do you know your Enneagram results? I am an 8 wing 1! Challenger and Reformer.

Favorite Battle Creek lunch spot? Umami Ramen

What is the best part of working at Woodland? I love being a part of a missional-minded team, Woodland and the leadership here are fully dedicated to reaching the lost and hurting of Battle Creek and creating disciples. I love that I get to do this for a living. Seeing the lives that are impacted and family trees forever changed because of how God is moving in this church truly excites and drives me. I get to play a small part in creating environments for people to worship and encounter God in and I'm so grateful for the team that I get to do life with!