Sandy Whaples

Volunteer Coordinator and Outreach Director

I am most like Samwise the Hobbit, and I love to encourage and help others on their journey or assignment. I love serving in the church and community, and find great joy when I can help people discover their role in the story of their life. Wife to Shannon and mom to Emily and Michael, I know I am a dearly loved daughter of God. I am a sketchnoter, beach glass collector and lover of history. I love to study God's Word, pray and work behind the scenes.

Where did you grow up? West Virginia 

How do you like your coffee? 3 Creams

Favorite 1am Snack? Nuts, Raw Veggies, and Pepperoni

Current Netflix binge? Sherlock

Favorite Battle Creek lunch spot? Continental Bakery

Do you know your Enneagram Results? 9 - The Peacemaker

What is the best part of working at Woodland? The people, they are so generous, hardworking and faithful. I love the people of this church!