Carol Daniels

finance assistant

I’m Carol, a benevolent fueled by passion to serve others and share the love of Jesus. I married my husband (Tim) in Las Vegas 24 years ago. We have 2 daughters and 2 grand-doggies. I enjoy traveling, hiking, gardening and cooking. I am a roller coaster fanatic. My favorite sports are NASCAR (yes it is a sport) and college football.

Where did you grow up? Kentucky

How do you like your coffee? With a lot of cream!

Favorite 1am Snack? Apple with peanut butter

Do you know your Enneagram results? Type 2 - The Helper

Current Netflix binge? Supernatural

Favorite Battle Creek lunch spot? Pastrami Joe’s

What is the best part of working at Woodland? The people I work with are amazing. Together We are making a difference in other people’s lives and sharing the word of God. But more than that, we are making a difference in each other’s lives by holding one another accountable and encouraging each other to grow.